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Kristen Walker
Kristen Walker says,

Sheila has a way to make you feel fabulous.  She is so incredibly positive and genuine that you can’t help but want to be her friend!  Sheila reached out to me over the summer and asked if I’d like to be part of her podcast series.  I felt like I finally made it people…this was so exciting!  This amazing teacher blogger who has interviewed the BEST of the BEST wanted my ideas on the interview process, Go Noodle, and managing a combo class.  She made me feel more confident about my teaching because she truly believed in me.  Sheila has created a platform for teachers to connect with Educelebrities, is that even a word?  I am so incredibly thankful for Sheila and what she has done for teachers.


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You know you want to. Grab some popcorn, a cozy blanket and binge watch all your favorite Sheila Jane Teaching episodes. The popular "Teachers We Love" series features interviews with your favorite teachers. There are classic Sheila Jane bloopers, classroom inspiration, and videos focusing on teacher/life balance.

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Whether you are in your classroom before or after school, at the gym, driving to work, or walking your dog, let these podcasts keep you company. You will feel like you are chatting with your favorite teacher bloggers. The Sheila Jane Teaching podcasts are meant to motivate, inspire, and bring happiness to you and your classroom. All podcasts are now on iTunes for you to download and listen any time you like. Make sure to head over there and subscribe.

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